Welcome to my homepage!

For a long time I have been impressed by the beauty of the night sky and nature in general. With today's digital technology it is possible even for the amateur (like me) to record the beauty of the universe better then ever before.

Image and data processing allows to enhance the signal-to-noise-ratio to make visible extremely faint objects and/or fine detail. Even the detection of exoplanet transits is within reach of amateurs with surprisingly simple equipment.

On these pages you will find examples of my work in astrophotograpy, exoplanet transits, and also terrestrial photography.

All this is still under construction! So there is a number of incomplete webpages, unfortunately.

If you want to learn more about my discovery of the fourth-order rainbow (quaternary rainbow) and its first ever photographic documentation in nature, you can find all the information on this dedicated web page.

Michael Theusner